The fact that Copenhagen Fashion Week and the Copenhagen Open happen to have fallen on the same week this year may seem like an inconsequential overlap of two unrelated worlds, but for Soulland and Nike SB it was a happy coincidence. Together they’ve created a capsule collection of seven pieces of clothing and three footwear designs, released this past week when the disparate scenes collided.

Silas Adler (from Soulland) and Eric Koston (skate legend, also from Nike SB) have bonded over their ~passion 4 fashion~ and blessed the sartorially-minded among us with the capsule collection For those who can’t parlay-vooh dansk, “fri” can be translated as “free” in Danish; not free as in gratis, but free as in freedom. The freedom of Copenhagen was also a key inspiration in the collaboration; not freedom as in well-functioning democracy, but freedom as in bodies-of-water. As Silas explained at the capsule launch, “One of the most beautiful things for Copenhagen youth culture is how, after a night out, or after a skate session, you just go in and jump in the water. That’s a very me thing and all skateboarders in Copenhagen.” They say being confronted with a health scare can imbue a person with a desire to live every day to its fullest–a newfound sense of freedom, even–and recovering from a staph infection contracted via a late night swim in Søerne could definitely do that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.58.37 PM

Though Silas mentioned having previously been cautious about bringing the worlds of skateboarding and fashion together for a collaboration, Eric Koston has always known sk8ter bois r kewl: “I feel like even the skateboarder who portrays this image to not care about how he looks, in a way that’s him caring about how he looks–even if you wanna be dirty in your ripped up Dickies and only wear a flannel.” Oh snap!

‘Soulland meets Eric Koston for Nike SB’s’ is free of dirt, Dickies and flannels, and is currently available for purchase here.

Here’s a video made for the release of, via Dazed:

Omg! Skaters don’t have to be fashion haters u guys!

0 YO!