There’s currently a growing fascination with contemporary African photography, and it’s about time Denmark is given an up-close opportunity to see why. Thanks to Øksnehallen‘s exhibit Africa Reframed, those of us in Copenhagen now can.

It isn’t hyperbole to say that Africa is often deeply misconstrued, particularly within Scandinavia and especially in regards to contemporary art. But that’s beginning to change, in no small part due to Africa Reframed. Having just opened at Øksnehallen, the photo exhibition provides a much-needed opportunity to experience a select group of artists who altogether highlight the adaptability and creativity of the contemporary African photography scene. Overall it serves as a unique vehicle for visual storytelling, though frankly the images themselves are amazing and could easily stand on their own:

Omar Victor Diop
Omar Victor Diop / Courtesy Magnin-A, Paris.


Namsa Leuba

Namsa Leuba
From the series Kingdom of Mountain, Namsa Leuba.


Dillon Marsh
From the series For What It’s Worth, Dillon Marsh.


Lien Botha
Parrot Jungle, Lien Botha.



Read more about the showcasing artists here, and about other events offered in conjunction with the exhibit here.

Africa Reframed is currently running until August 2nd at Øksnehallen.

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