Black metal might be niche, but you can’t deny the that the visual artwork and design is usually pretty impressive. One of the biggest guys in the metal visual arts scene is Mark Riddick, who now teamed up with The Hundreds to do a clothing collab.

Mark Riddick’s gnarled, visceral lettering has defined the covers and logos of underground and mainstream metal bands like Morbid Angel, Gorguts, and Suffocation. Riddick’s hand has influenced brands as far ranging as Volvo, Cartoon Network, and most recently, Justin Bieber with his Purpose tour merchandise. The celebrated artist has participated in a number of gallery exhibits, and published books like Compendium of Death—600 pages that showcase 20 years of his pioneering contributions to the field.

Now, Riddick teams up with The Hundreds for a series of 4 collaborative T-shirts, 2 hooded pullover sweatshirts, and a patch set. The garments are uniquely detailed, with the Cernunnos pullover featuring a graphic on the hood.

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