Anger is an old friend of ours. Although as the grand old dads of the mag started having kids and settling down, anger got packed away and forgotten as the oldies got more calm and responsible. You know, for the kids.

The ‘Fuck You’ page isn’t new and used to hold a special place in our hearts. So much that it actually made it to print in issue 6, 7 and 8. At Bitchslap we’ve got all the love for hatin’ and believe that it makes you a better person for letting it all out. Or it could just make everyone think you’re an asshole, who knows.

Here’s a list of what’s been a proper pain in the arse this past week.



Fuck you sweaty 16 year old boys, for rubbing your sweaty and pimply chests all over everyone else. Put a fucking shirt on.

Fuck you royal family for having a yearly income high enough to feed a third world country without doing shit for it.

Fuck you tourists for stopping in the middle of the sidewalk with your giant-ass maps and iPads. Move to the side!

Fuck you allergies, for making people feel like they want to rip their own eyes out and put them on ice.

Fuck you emojis, why can’t you search for the ones you want instead of scrolling through endless pages?

Fuck you people who won’t wear deodorant in this heat. Nobody needs your stank

Fuck you EVERYONE who voted for Trump. Your moms should be allowed to retrospectively abort you.

Fuck you dumb Bitchslap writers for thinking that your problems are all that important. Such selfish dicks, huh?



If you’ve got some Fuck You‘s to add for next weeks list, please let us know (via FB  or IG) and well repay you some online-glory and a sticker or two.

0 YO!