Wuhu syttende mai! Happy Norway Day! If you’re about to point out that it was yesterday, well, yeah, we’re aware. We just have a bad habit of being a day late and–when it comes to Norwegians in particular–a condom short. Oops! But we still hope Norway will get everything it wished for on its birthday, even if all we got from Norway in return was an unbearable itchiness and a lingering shame.

Norway is great at enthusiastically celebrating its own-damn-self, but we would nonetheless like to commemorate Norwegians–in Copenhagen and around the world (but especially in Copenhagen)–and their special day. So here are our suggestions for a few ways to have fun with a Norwegian without needing a round of antibiotics afterwards:

Norway also has a vibrant music scene, and many Norwegians use music as a medium for non-sexual expression. Suite 16 is a shining example of squeaky-clean Norwegian purity and positive moral values:

….That’s about as Norwegian as it gets! Happy Norwegian National Day y’all, and keep it clean!

0 YO!