This was a momentous week for your iPhone, right? I went to bed one night and woke up the next day with a crisis of identity due to the Instagram redesign. WordPress whiz and Bitchslap daddy Nanny gloatingly informed me that it was because I am a technological putz and that he, being much more enlightened, is exempt from the Insta-crisis because he disabled automatic updates. Well. Even though he apparently exists on a superior plane of distinction that lowly non-virtuoso luddites like myself can only wallow in the shadow of, we can agree on one thing: Powerpoint did it better.



Windows ’98, ya feel me? Ya feel me feelin’ Windows ’98? And though it was a very good year, I’m not just talking about ’98, but also the many iterations Microsoft Powerpoint in general has experienced since then as well. Despite its changes over the years, the Powerpoint mainstays we know and love have remained, such as WordArt, or its hotter relatives: clipart, and those preset slide backgrounds. One of these in particular, a beautifully scenic color-fill gradient called ‘Early Sunset’, seems to bear a striking resemblance to the new Instagram logo. For clarification, this is what I’m referring to:



Now that nearly everyone has moved on from Powerpoint presentations–especially its old-school slide pre-sets–Instagram has scraped the barrel and decided to plagiarize this under-appreciated, nearly forgotten art.

But we all know Powerpoint did it first, and did it better! Fuck you, new Instagram! Bring back Powerpoint!

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