There is a sustainable eyewear label called Dick Moby and they want to sell you sunglasses. They also want “to free the world from as much plastic pollution as we possibly can.” You could say that this environmental goal is their own white whale (badum-CHING!) Now they’re making frames out of recycled acetate, which keeps our momma earth lookin’ good and can help you get lookin’ good as well (bow-chica-bow-bow!)

Did you know that way out in the ocean there’s a giant floating vortex of trash? No, it’s not made up of all your ex-kærester, it’s made up of PLASTIC. Plastic bottles, plastic particles, plastic crap that doesn’t biodegrade. It’s called the “Great Pacific garbage patch” and it’s NASTY. Even more nasty than your nastiest ex-kæreste! Sunglasses can end up there too, which is why you should absolve yourself of guilt by buying environmentally friendly products. So here’s some that don’t suck.

Conserve the environment! Consume sunglasses!

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