If you’ve been following Soulland for the last while, you’ve seen a couple of shots here and there with Danish rapper Kesi. Next week Wednesday, you’re gonna find out what that’s all about. Join the launch party at Soulland’s own store on Gammel Kongevej 37 from 5PM to 8PM with music by OH BOY! and special guest. Facebook event.

Kesi_Soulland_Zinna_Bitchslap Magazine_6

Kesi campaign pictures by Zinna Brigh Mac-Eochaidh

The SOULLAND X OLIVER KESI collection consists of 8 pieces exclusively designed for Kesi’s upcoming Danish tour during the following months in collaboration with Codan and Børneulykkesfonden.

The key element of this collection is the reflexive material, which is not only fun to work with, according to Soulland’s Creative Director Silas Adler, but also contributes to a good cause, namely to put focus on young people’s safety in the dark. For the exact same reason the campaign hashtag #blivset had been developed.

Kesi_Soulland_Zinna_Bitchslap Magazine_5

The good news is that one item has been released for purchase: the Simonsen Beanie that Kesi wears below
is available on Soulland’s webshop from today.

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