FREE MEETING, a new exhibition by Tim Biskup.

You might know Tim Biskup from his iconic vinyl toys, his animation work, his many exhibitions or features in all the cool magazine’s you’ve got on your shelf. Juxtapoz, IDN magazine, Hi-Fructose, and the likes. Growing up he was equally interested in Disneyland as punk-rock, a combination which set himself on his own path. Now Tim Biskup is traveling to Copenhagen, after originally having visited this lovely town in the early 80’s.

The Copenhagen based store Limited Works, together with YOUR:OWN, have put together a new solo exhibition by Tim with a selection of his latest works, pushing for a more abstract palette. Time to catch up with Tim before he’s flying over for the opening night.

Come and join us for the opening night on the 8th of July, from 17.00 to 21.00 at Blågårdsgade 17A.

Hey Tim, What are you up to nowadays?
Mostly painting, haha. Camping, traveling, fishing, family time, etc. Working on some commissions that are pushing me outside my comfort zone. 

How’s LA doing? I hear a lot about the drought and LA being the ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ place for artists again.
I hear all that, too. I mostly stay home but when I do leave the house it seems like all of the artists that I know are pretty happy. Lots of them are from other places like Miami and NYC. It’s cool. I get to see my friends more often. The drought is a bummer. I have a huge bathtub in my house that is just full of dust.

We’ve been following your new work which seems to play a lot with experimenting with shapes and compositions. How did this come about?
I’ve been drawing those wormy graphite shapes for several years. I showed a few in Milan back in 2011 but lately I’ve been kinda obsessed with them. For a long time I was making paintings that were all about the process. Those polygon paintings took forever. I liked the process because I didn’t really need to connect with what I was making the whole time I was working. I could totally zone out like a factory worker. Lately I have been trying to reconnect with my own natural gestures. It means I have to be very conscious of every line and shape. It’s a very natural way for me to work but it’s actually more difficult to stay connected than to zone out.

Bitchslap Magazine Tim Biskup2

And your work is becoming more and more abstract? Is it difficult to find your own style and confidence in abstract painting, coming from more illustrative work?
Abstraction is very important to me. I think it is the most natural way to generate an image that has my personality embedded in it. I love the whole concept that I am speaking a language that communicates something very specific. I like to think that the feelings that I have when I’m working are being transmitted to the viewer. I know I sound pretty new age saying that. Maybe part of being from LA?? Anyway, they are very good feelings.

Now you are on your way to Copenhagen. Why Copenhagen and what are you looking most forward to? Have you been here before?
I was there in the early 80s with my family. Has it changed?  I really wanted to go to Noma, but dropped the ball on that. (Anyone have a reservation they wanna trade for some art?). I’m a big fan of mid-century modern design so I’ll be doing some shopping and gawking. I remember loving the place when I was there before so I’m very excited!

Bitchslap Magazine Tim Biskup

What can we expect from the new show? And what is the title about? ‘Free meeting’?
I’m bringing lots of that abstract work and a few prints. Also making a new zine. The title is just something that popped into my head. It’s connected to the way that I draw and my philosophy about life. It’s also about engaging with people. Literally “meeting” people but also about showing this work that is very personal. It’s the first show of what feels like a new phase of my career. New Age Tim! Haha.

And after Copenhagen? What are your plans for the near future?
Working on shows for Hong Kong and Malaga for later this year. More travel. Hopefully some fishing.