After giving the print mag a bit of street time, we’re now ready to release Bitchslap 17, ‘Yum’ online for those who can’t get your hands on the real deal.

This issue was stuff with photos making it easy on the eye, and light on the heart, as is our plan. We interviewed every skateboarder’s favourite skateboarder John Cardiel which we scooped up while in Berlin for Bright Tradeshow. We have event coverage from the powder filled few days of fun at the Burton European Open in Laax, Swizerland (link to our coverage). Max Grunfeld, the incredible Dutch artist girl with a boy’s name, Irish photographer Rich Gilligan blesses our pages with an amazing gallery of varied work and words of wisdom and we chat with snowboard film company Absinthe FIlms co-owner and filmer Patrick ‘Brusti’ Armbruster (link to our video interview). Oh, plus we did a massive shoot based on Danish food.

Everyone asks about where the idea came from for the monster sandwich on the cover and the cover story shoot so we thought we’d let you know it was actually just one of those AHA moments. I was standing with a friend making food. He was wearing a pinkish melange tee shirt under a curry yellow cardigan while at the same time making a spegepølsermad with remolade (salami and remolade sandwich). I was like ‘your food looks like your clothing, hey we should do a shoot inspired by the colours seen on traditional Danish food. We pulled in Stephanie Loa to drive the shoot and she called upon Rasmus Weng. They created magic in the studio so now it was up to us to bang our some splendid open sandwiches. I pulled on a couple of friends who do everything from shoe design to motion graphics, but who have a history in food and we whipped a series of sandwiches together. It must be added that everything in the shoot was homemade: the remo, the fish filet was hand crumbed and the cucumber was home-pickled. Now you know.