Last day at Northside

Sunday was the last day of Northside Festival in Aarhus. A weekend filled with rad music from Quadron, The National, Mø and Jurassic 5 is almost over. The weathergod proved himself to be a cool dude....

12 squaremeters, 5 people, 1 festival

Northside Festival brings a shitload of people to Aarhus. Since it's a tiny city that does not accomodate that many guests, people have to find alternative ways to spend a weekend in Aarhus.

Northside is on

Just as all the other copenhageners, Bitchslap decided to invade Aarhus for the weekend. Northside Festival opened the gates yesterday. Roughly 35.000 people is visiting the festival. Check the first...


If you live in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, you have received a new garden over the weekend. As a special version of urban renewal, activists has converted the naked site of Jagtvej 69 into a garden.

They are here

They go by 95 kr per pound, have green bones and long thin beaks. The garfish has arrived along the Danish coast and here's your Bitchslap Guide to Wildlife Success.

Photo of the day

By Lasse Kofod.

Happy Anniversary, Rana Plaza

"How many lives do you allow your clothing to cost?" asks Trine Pertou Mach (SF) in yesterdays Politiken.

Photo of the day

Guys fishing in Aarhus as the sea fog goes ashore. Photo by Lasse Kofod.  

Superman is real

Some nerds from Patreon made Superman come alive. Watch him K.O. bad guys and rescue hopeless hotties from exploding buidlings.

Handskemager, Klintholm and Trolle at Palm Spree

I stood with this impression of loss. Not knowing where to go - neither knowing if I should even move at all. Yet it was a pleasant feeling.

The Beards at Atlas

"Well, there once was a Man, and that man had a beard, he shaved off his beard and now he's dead. And there once was a Girl, and her husband had a beard, she asked him to shave it off and now...

Photo of the day

First sun in a month here in Aarhus. Photo by Lasse Kofod.

Goldman Sucks

While most of you either are dying of stress from fashionweek or getting soaked in champagne and butterflies, the country is falling apart. Due to the warned sale of Dong Energy to the bully-minded...


Lance Mountain is often cited to being one of the inventors of finger skateboarding. But how about fingersurfing?

The Steve Irwin feeling

"Finally. A few days off from school!" Was what I said to myself as soon as I saw the updated lecture plan. It was clear what the valuable time should be spent on; fishing, fishing and a little more...


Worlds largest containership, the Mærsk Triple E, is currently docked at Langelinie, Copenhagen. Tomorrow at 10 am. it sets out for adventures all over the world. 400 meters long, 59 meters wide and...

Photo of the day

Yesterday Cykle Klub Århus held a grandprix in honor of bike-enthusiast Jørgen Leth. Photo by Lasse Kofod.

Photo exhibition – three young guns

Tonight at Fatter and Fabrikken three of my former classmates is launching an exhibition. Jonas Greve Handskemager, Mads Juel and Adrian Delfontaine have all been accepted to a big pile of Art...

Photo of the day

Ring of Fire at Copenhagen Pro 2013. By Lasse Kofod

CPH Pro – Guldbergsgade

Copenhagen Pro kicked off yesterday with a 22-heat streetcontest at Fælledparken. Later on, the party moved to Guldbergsgade where a best trick contest was held. After this people apparently went...