Bitchslap Magazine – Contemporary Culture and Lifestyle.

We spot, showcase and elevate fresh talent, and pay homage to the veterans who shape our subcultures; providing insight into stuff we like including photography, fashion, skate and snow, design, music and everyday nonsense.

This is all packaged in a high quality print publication that is easy on the eye and light on the heart.


Here’s a quick squizz at what we get up to with a video camera in our hands.

Please feel to contact us for a mediakit, advertising enquiries or anything else.

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  1. Nick Furnner says:

    How can i get on your mailing list for the mags

    • Dick says:

      Right now we don’t offer subscriptions but it’s something we’re going to get happening soon.
      You can sign up for our newsletter on our facebook page.

  2. Lenard Smith says:

    I live and work in New York City
    I am working on trying to come to Denmark in January…
    It would be great to connect.

    Here is some recent press I received:

    With all good wishes,

  3. What a fucking cool website!

  4. Aimee says:

    and i only have 2 Ex boyfriends I yi yi yi! x

  5. wellicious says:

    Cool shit, keep up the good work, Ive read all your mags!

  6. Tau says:

    Yo what are you guys talking about! – you ROCK!! allways on the lookout for the next mag! pleace keep them comming…- become a bigger (keep the coolness! ) and make it the mag of the street every month!
    Keeeeeeep it fly guys

  7. Ryan Casey says:


    I love your website. I’ve been checking it out every week and love the topics you guys cover. I have a weekly celebrity comic strip: It is updated every Wednesday (hump day) Would love if you guys checked it out or even featured on your site. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!

    Ryan (portfolio) (comic strip)

  8. Mille says:

    I have forgotten my keys and can’t get in… Please come home..

  9. Jelisa says:

    I am in Copenhagen for only 4 weeks more. Im a design major back home. Could you please e-mail me some local design visits I should make before I go?

  10. Mads says:

    Kinda like the MGMTs of CPH ;-)

  11. Merle says:

    hehe….so cute….I miss you’s

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