Tuesday Tumbled Upon #51

Holy bajeebus, so I woke up and in my head it was Sunday which was cool cos then I could hang out and do my gardening and drink coffee with friends and then suddenly it dawned upon me that it was...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #50

Just turned fifty. Still in denial. Just as crap. Even more stinky. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the bottom of the internet. More more more Tuesday Tumbled Upon here. 

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #49

I wonder if being 49 is as much of a headfuck as being 29. I wonder if you get really sad and energetic and in total denial. Tuesday Tumbled Upon is now 49, and it only took her 300 weeks to get...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #48

Spring time and another dose of Tuesday Tumbled Upon. 

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #47

Yep, back with another lashing of your favourite internet wanderings. Check some of our previous Tuesday Tumbled Upon posts here.

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #46

Just checked the site and the last Tuesday Tumbled Upon post we did was in May. I guess that was round about the time the sun came out and we stopped giving a fuck about Tumblr. Anyway, here she is,...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #45

Short and sweet this Tuesday while the hunt for a free personal assistant continues. I know they exist, they must do! Previous TUESDAY TUMBLED UPON posts.

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #44

Life kind of took over and Tuesday’s quickly turned into Friday’s and Tumblr was increasingly ignored. But we’re back with another Tuesday Nonsense post of internet misgivings....

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #43

Quite a lot of ass in this week’s selection. Lots of quite good ass on the internet in general don’t you think?

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #42

The last Tumbled Upon we did almost got us kicked off the internet because facebook is apparently run by a bunch of hardcore christians who despise good ass. We’ve been lazy and useless recently...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #41

Tuesday is mostly something to look forward but since Tumblr was being a superbowl, RIP hoffman, #hatecoke pool of fucking crap I’ve wasted my entire evening on this when I’d rather be...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #40

T U M B L E D U P O N  N U M B E R  4 0 W H Y  D O  W E  B O T H E R ????

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #39

Well, you seem to like them so we’ll keep on delivering. This naughty one dropped in a little early this week, Monday night, what a cheeky sod. Greedily anticipating Tuesday and a good old...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #38

Tuesday is like little little little Friday. And definitely worth celebrating. Here’s what the internet offered us in 5 minutes of scrolling this afternoon.

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #37

Fighting my way through the cheesy Christmas and New Years garbage on Tumblr this week for Tuesday Tumbled Upon, here’s a small selection of some of the gold out there.

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #34

On a Thursday? Giving shits? No. Here’s the rest of our Tuesday Tumbled Upon collection.

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #33

Seems like we’ve been slacking on the Tuesday posts for about a month but you can suck it cos we’ve been busy. Here’s a short and sweet mostly black and white return to...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #32

We’ve been a little slack on the Tuesday Tumbled Upon but the positive thing is it’s because we’ve got lives. Our latest issue is due to drop on the 25th with a smashing party...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #31

The internet must be suffering from the commonly known soon-it’s-winter depression because I must have spent at least 20 minutes scraping this today. That’s 20 minutes less time reading...

Tuesday Tumbled Upon #30

For the 30th anniversary of Tuesday Tumbled Upon we’re not at all proud to present this mediocre selection of garbage from the world wide web of internets.