• RIP Stephen Samuel Gordon aka The Spaceape


    The saddening news that Hyperdub artist The Spaceape passed away earlier today has just reached us. Read more →



    Known for his genius stop motion and special effects work, Ray Harryhausen passed away today leaving behind a legacy of work spanning 8 decades. Here’s a look at a range of his creatures.   Read more →

  • The album art of Storm Thorgerson


    News broke two days ago of the passing of graphic designer Storm Torgerson (age 69) who has created some of the most iconic album artwork in history including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon prism cover.

    Here’s a sampling of some of our favourite pieces scraped from the web.   Read more →

  • Lewis Marnell RIP


    After a smashing week in Berlin to celebrate skateboarding we were hit Saturday afternoon with the sad news of Nike Sb and Almost pro Lewis Marnell’s sudden death. As mentioned on our insta post, we only had the opportunity to hang with Lewis once, late this summer in Copenhagen for the CPH PRO, where we made a micro interview that you can read here. I told him that his name had inspired my own son’s name, to which he replied humbly “Yea, ‘it’s strange, quite a lot of people have told me that”. We obviously didn’t spend enough time to become friends but he seemed like such an awesome, grounded, friendly, open and honest dude and I was tripping just to hang for a short while. He told us of his imminent marriage to his “Jamerican” fiancé, who was his wife when he passed.

    A statement issued by Lewis’ mother this weekend concludes:
    “FYI and to clear up any quandries relating to Lewis’ s sad & untimely passing, he had a massive hypoglycemic reaction which did not respond to ingested glucose. He was at home and was discovered by his wife around 6.30 on Friday night Melb time. It was not possible to resuscitate him and we are all still trying to come to terms with this tragedy. We ask everybody to send out thoughts and prayers of love and comfort. Please keep his memory alive and let this not be a terrible waste”

    His passing is a crushing blow to everyone he met and influenced.

    Photo by Peter Stanners Read more →


    Tom's 4 footer frontside at Carlsbad Skate Park mid 70's

    The grand-daddy of snowboarding Tom Sims passed away on Wednesday night. Sims built the first skateboard for the snow in 1963 going on to found Sims in 1976. We couldn’t have put it better than Transworld biz who say “A true pioneer, Tom brought forward thinking concepts and innovations that forever changed the landscape of the snow and skate industry.”  Read more →

  • R.I.P. Bommi 1979 – 2009

    Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Bommi’s passing. Our thoughts go out to all who were near.