‘You Should Have Been There’ Opening & Release

Bitchslap's saucy big sister Girls Are Awesome is moving out of mom's house, breakin' out on her own, but still mingling with the classic BS fam. Like our girl Linnea Bullion! So we were excited...

Sure Shot #14 Laura Kaczmarek

It's been a while but we're back with our recurring photographer-saluting series Sure Shot, this time with fine pics from the just as fine lady Laura Kaczmarek. We like her so much that we even put...

Copenhagen Open 2015 – DAY 3

I just edited down 57 photos from Michael Jepsen's photo series of CPH Open Day Three. Enjoy photos of the sparkling new Copenhagen Skatepark, Death Race, and more.

Copenhagen Open 2015 – DAY 2

Michael Jepsen shot about a billion photos over the course of the Copenhagen Open. Here are our selection of his pics from day two including Meat Packing pop-up session, SEB, and Kulturhuset white...

Copenhagen Open 2015 – DAY 1

They came, they saw, they conquered. New parks, textbook spots, and Tivoli. Four days of skating and one day of chilling at the harbor. CPH Open '15 has been a great means to showcase some of the...

Musik I Lejet 2015 – Girls are Awesome

Girls Are Awesome at Musik I Lejet!

Musik I Lejet 2015 – MEGA post

Out in the scenic coastal town of Tisvilde, normally with the population of less than 2,000 people, Musik I Lejet took place. Brining together many more people and some great Danish acts, this two day...

Thomas Mailaender’s – “Illustrated People”

Mailaender uses human skin as photopaper in 'Illustrated People'. He applies original negatives from the Archive of Modern Conflict onto his subjects' skin and projects a UV lamp over the negatives....


Pede B and his management was kind enough to give us an unfiltered and up-and-close view behind the scenes of what was his biggest concert by far.


At Roskilde there are a lot of young people; having a great time, drinking, and getting laid. But there is a far more shy and beautiful creature present as well, lurking in the shadows of trees,...

Ukendt Kunstner – Roskilde ’15

Ukendt Kunstner played a packed set at Apollo on Saturday. I was surprised how many older people got down to that. Maybe they were intrigued by his name. Seems like he's no longer 'unknown'. Oh ya,...


Yes, the Girls Are Awesome at Roskilde Festival! Photography: Abdellah Ihadian

Rangleklods – Backstage at Roskilde ’15

Bitchslap behind the scenes exclusive with upcoming Danish duo gaining international fame, Rangleklods who come back more powerful than ever after playing Roskilde in 2012.

Run The Jewels + Trackstar the DJ Interview – Roskilde ’15

El-P said on Friday night that the first ever Run The Jewels show was at Roskilde a couple years back. I remember when Trackstar the DJ released the 'Into the Wild’ Mixtape and how psyched I was. In...

Specktors X Nonsens – BACKSTAGE AT ROSKILDE ’15

Pelle Peter Jensen was nice enough to get us connected with Specktors x Nonsens for an exclusive behind the scenes shoot at the show on Apollo, Friday.

Camp Life – Roskilde Festival Days 4 & 5

It's hot as balls out here. But hey, you guys know how to have a good time. Keep it up!

Mendoza – Backstage at Roskilde ’15

Bitchslap has some exclusive behind the scenes shots with up coming Danish pop artist, Mendoza

Josefine Öhrn + The Liberation – Roskilde

The Swedish singer performed at Rising on Sunday to a festival crowd of fresh legs and livers. Since the stage has been moved to the end of Camp ‘C’, there were a number of rowdy attendees...

May Simon by Aldemar Amarillo for Freya Dalsjø

Stylist Aldemar Amarillo presents his latest work styling transgender model May Simon featuring the Max exposure collection for Freya Dalsjø. Photographer: Simon Baungård Thomsen ...