Sunday Crappy Gifs

Just in time to brighten up your grey weekend.

Lil Dicky – Rise of Anti-Rap

Lil Dicky's album,'Professional Rapper', is out now. Listen to this guy spit hard. It's fun too.


More men have been on the the moon than have been Ronald McDonald. Check out this brilliant film from The Guardian about keeping the dream of being a mascot

Worst Knitwear Ever Created

Fashion is a matter of interpretation. You might love what you are going to see but, undoubtedly, these are definitely one of a kind.

Sunday Crappy Gifs

On time, just like your Sunday blues?

Sunday Crappy Gifs

Are you still recovering from Roskilde?

Sunday Crappy Gifs

I know that most of you are probably enjoying Roskilde Festival right now but it's Sunday and the World Wide Web doesn't sleep, same goes probably to you, dear party animals. See you out there!

Sunday Crappy Gifs

With a little delay as always. I was actually waiting for summer but I realized there wouldn't be Sunday crappy gifs for a long time.

Food Hats by Phil Ferguson

I love the Internet because it links me to people that I am secretly wishing for but never thought they existed. My latest discovery is Melbourne-based textile artist Phil Ferguson who crotches the...

Sunday Crappy Gifs

Are you back to real life from Northside? If you are having an extended sunday today, then that's for you.

Sunday Crappy Gifs

It's been the longest weekend but also the shortest at the same time. Dear Distortion, you had me at hello.

Sunday Crappy Gifs

Where is summer? I want watermelon cakes, dolphins and summer breezes.

Sunday Crappy Gifs

It's Sunday, you know what that means.


You gotta love the internet gods, especially when they decide to give our world's most famous a ginger makeover.

Sunday Crappy Gifs

It's Sunday, you know what that means (besides eating pizza, duh!).


When was the last time I actually managed to cure your Sunday hangovers with GIFs? Well, maybe it can cure your Tuesday boredom, I'll try.

Tinder in the ’80s

Retro video maker Squirrel Monkey imagines Tinder launching in the 1980s

Sunday Crappy Gifs

I know it's monday but they're back, woah!


Oscar Niemeyer's architectural 'masterpiece' gets a hysterical sci-fi narrative from Reggie Watts and Carolina Ravassa

Guns aren’t stupid.

Guns aren't stupid. People can be quite stupid though. In this film created by the States United to Prevent Gun Violence, we see a mock-gun shop in NYC offering first time gun buyers the chance to...