• DIY – A book of photographs by Richard Gilligan

    RICH 002

    Richard Gillian‘s photography (featured in our latest issue) documents DIY skate spots from around Europe and the States. He has a new book with all these great photographs presented by 19/80 and Carhartt. He will be showing his work at Copenhagen Photo Festival and Streetmachine on thursday the 13th and will be giving a lecture as well.

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  • Thomas Skou – Lust Like Looney Lovers


    This evening kicks of Thomas Skou‘s solo exhibition at Carlsberg photo city as a part of the wonderful and monstrous Copenhagen Photo Festival.

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    Photo: Jesper Ninja-Axel Nielsen: CCCP – Timeline, courtesy the artist and the gallery.

    Group exhibition of Arnaud De Grave, David Koji Kariyado Hansen, Amanda Thomsen, Dave Stott, Louise Felding, Mike Van Der Poel, Jesper A. Nielsen.

    CCCP Copenhagen Creative Cooperative Photography
    CCCP is driven by love for photography and international friendship. It is more than an artistic collective. It’s all photo-lovers and geeks that inspire and feed each other to produce a personal vision of photography. They are strong individuals who share some common ideas. Their work lives on the Internet, magazines and from time to time it is exposed to the real walls.

    Photography is about capturing moments and store pieces of history. It may be the global history that shows major events that affect us all, or it may be the major personal events that affect us and those who are immediately around us. Timeline is an exhibition about people in history. By portraying people from all generations and drawing a relation to the global timeline, we aim to test a sample of the population in Copenhagen in 2010 and their relation to the great common events in our lifetime.

    Each of the 7 photographers are exhibiting their portraits of very different people taken here in Copenhagen. It’s portraits of people from 0 to presumably 80-90 years old, from non-famous to very famous people.

    The exhibition takes place on the walls of FOTOSTUDIE. FOTOSTUDIE is a combination of a good old photo studio, a shop and a hang out place for other photographers, where they share ideas and make funny projects. It is situated in Nansensgade area and from time to time it is transformed into a very nice gallery.

    Opening hours:
    Daily: 11am – 6pm
    May 12th-May 26th 2010

    Turesensgade 5
    1368 Copenhagen K