Friday Fe-boner #8

It's hot. All I want is refreshing fruit and to watch boys without shirts on. So I'm turning off my computer. Laters.

Friday Fe-boner #7

I've wanted a see-through raincoat for a million years. If this dude greeted me with that coat and nothing else on underneath, I would not kick him out for not having an iPhone. (YOU DON'T USE...

Friday Fe-boner #3

Friday Fe-boner comes but once a week.  Our selection of pictures for the ladies from a lady is here yet again. Personally, we hope you feel empowered to demand a pizza, wear a bikini and get laid.

Friday Fe-boner #2

Hope you are enjoying our new Friday Fe-boner feature; pictures to get all the girls going. We clean forget to include more gratuitous nudity and hot men in last week's edition, so don't get your...