Eva Zar’s Peachy World

I have a new girl crush-and this time it's serious. Her name is Eva Zar and she everything but the shy neighbour girl hiding in her apartment, that is also home of 10 cats. According to her, she loves...

The Art of a Concert: Reptile Youth x Abby Portner

This is a great documentary of the concert series put on last year with artist Abby Portner and Reptile Youth. Portner's set and lighting design provided an engaging environment for the shows which...

Sam Taylor for the LB Project

Sam Taylor is a young bloke from London-town mixing his passion for skateboarding and illustration. Enjoy the fifth episode of the LB Project where Sam explains his two loves.

A Vagina Monologue – Stephanie Sarley Interview

Stephanie Sarley comes from a family of artists. Her father was a storyboard artist for movies such as Waynes World and Robbin Hood Men in Tights. But this Oakland-based visionary specializes in a...

Impressions of “Miami//On Location. Off Season” Opening at VESS

Last week we interviewed Daniel van der Noon and Emil Monty Freddie for their upcoming exhibition as VESS. If you weren't there, you certainly missed great art, good looking people, glitter and the...

Modern Oreo Art

Instagram is the new art platform. This time it's masterpieces by Magritte, Frida Kahlo, van Gogh and Picasso out of Oreos by artist Tisha Cherry that caught my attention. Head over to her Instagram...


Horsens – an old, Danish city of about 55.000 inhabitants – hired ArtRebels to gather a selected group of contemporary artists to take over the port and the city center with public art. Two weeks...

Hilo Chen – Sometimes Summer Somewhere

So Summer is starting to shed its shine in Europe. But Hilo Chen's hyperrealistic paintings will make you wish you were back at the beach. #freethenipple


If you haven't been there already, you still got time until Saturday to get your hands on some beautiful art.

Thomas Mailaender’s – “Illustrated People”

Mailaender uses human skin as photopaper in 'Illustrated People'. He applies original negatives from the Archive of Modern Conflict onto his subjects' skin and projects a UV lamp over the negatives....

Nest- Jakob Geltner

A flock of surveillance cameras hit the beaches of Aarhus, in Czech artist, Jakub Geltner's series 'Nest'

Reka One – Interview

I met James Reka a couple days before our 'formal' interview. He seemed tired, and I didn't blame him. After finishing two huge murals,  James or known more by his artist name, 'Reka' or Reka...


I am torn: this is reversed sexism but still funny, probably only for non-redheads though.

Tim Biskup Interview

FREE MEETING, a new exhibition by Tim Biskup. You might know Tim Biskup from his iconic vinyl toys, his animation work, his many exhibitions or features in all the cool magazine's you've got on your...

Landon Metz: oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Simple, striking and interactive describe Landon Mertz's work. His latest solo exhibition entitled oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh can now be experienced at Anderson's Contemporary in Copenhagen until the 4th...

Everyday Objects By Emily Blincoe

Emily Blincoe, a photographer from Austin, Texas, creates a mix of colourful and soothing photos of everyday objects by arranging them into orderly collections based on size, shape and color. This is...

Food Art Pairings by David Schwen

I love food, it's not a secret. And so does David Schwen.

Aluminium Renaissance

Kim Alsbrooks paints historical portraits on flattened cans.

sml. wheels X Lucas Beaufort collaboration ft. Danny Garcia and James Craig

Our buddy Lucas Beaufort is at it again. This time with some pretty fun skate wheels for sml. (which I just found out stood for Small Wheels)

Leo Fitzpatrick – Slam Section

So Leo (Telly...from Kids ('cause you know we can't get enough of that shit)) was just in Stockholm curating a show called Slam Section. The opening was just a couple days ago and it lasts until May...