Comic Citrone Art Festival – Contemporary Drawing and Painting

This week we’ve seen posters popping up in the city of a new art festival called Comic Citrone, which we had never heard of before. But the line up features an eclectic mix of great artists, from sign painters to comic artists, and from calligraphy artists to contemporary conceptual artists. We reached out to Marko, who is the mastermind behind putting this exhibition together, and talked more about how it all came together and what we can expect.

Matt Littler – A Strange Journey

Surrounded by a sea of cut-outs, navigating towards an alternate reality inhabited by cycling birds and smiling cats.

Carl Krull’s Paintings are rated 9 on Richter scale

The body of seismographic works will be exhibited at Hans Alf Gallery April 7th till May 5th.

“Fleur” by Lucas Beaufort

"I’ve been painting across Bangkok, Koh Samui, Melbourne and Maldives in February and March 2018 to spread my colorful vision of the world."

Roman Klonek’s colorful World of Woodcuts

With a propaganda-eske expression, Polish-born Roman Kloneck and his distinctive woodcut prints of half-man, half-beast characters and situations lead us into his world of captured thoughts.

Behind the A-Z: Erik Pontoppidan

Violence, gore, erotica & nature with the Copenhagen based Illustrator.