La Fete – From The Streets Of Copenhagen

Copenhagen local rippers Morten Eriksen and Oliv September put in some work over the course of this summer. Skating local spots, nightsessions, and many spot-searching missions - the result is an…

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Dit Is Berlin

Just weeks after Anton Beliaev's heavy "Geliebtes Berlin" montage, the German "Hauptstadt" delivers again. "Dit is Berlin" is a new three part video series by Placemag supported by adidas. In summer…

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Fully DEVOTED – The MJ Interview RAW Files

Lucas Beaufort set out on a mission to investigate on print medias relevance and future. His endeavours resulted in the beautiful documentary "DEVOTED", which you can watch here. Industry insiders,…

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Why Your Board Looks The Way It Does

In an effort to educate society, Transworld teamed up with Zumiez, to let you know that popsicle is not always the way to go. All you ever wanted to know about the origin of shaped skateboards and…

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Draining Pools With Hockey Dad

Lords Of Dogtown meets Jackass Bad Grandpa in the new Hockey Dad video and makes you wish your neighbourhood were like this. The single 'Homely Feeling' is the first release from their forthcoming…

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Korahn Gayle – Grey Part

Korahn Gayle used his insomnia to film an after dark part for Grey Skatemag. Three and a half minutes of gritty 4:3 goodness filmed and put together by George Nevin, supportes by Nike SB and…

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FYI We’re On Issuu

Rumor has it creative juices are boiling once again around Bitchslapmag office. Effort is made to thoughtfully (more or less) turn trees into colourful pieces of paper, for you to strategically place…

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Palace ‘Palasonic’

Come on, it's Palace. What possibly could I say that you don't already know.

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