Sine Jensen lolcat bitchslap

Lolcats and Prank Calls, Sine Jensen can haz cheeseburger

I don't sketch. I don't doodle. I only do finished pieces. We recently interrupted illustrator Sine Jensen amid a new project for Soulland to have a chat about pencils, freakouts and lolcats. What...

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banana falling bitchslap 3d

A to Z: Dicks

A. Astronaut, big head and padded body ready to connect with Houston B. Bulimic, the one that throws up on purporse for pleasure C. Cheerleader, shaking hairy balls around for entertainment D....

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Bitchslap waikiki beacb

The Legend of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins

My trip to Honolulu, in the footsteps of "Sailor Jerry", the godfather of modern tattoo culture It was a cold, grey and rainy November day in Paris. Life was good but I couldn’t imagine what was...

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AV AV AV – Everything Is True – EP Release koncert & afterparty

In the footsteps of ‘About You’, ‘Habitat’ and ‘Total Recall’ the lads from AV AV AV today revealed the 7-track ’Everything Is True’ EP in its entirety. The sound is a result of all...

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Olivia Ugilt Bitchslap

Go For Broke

Illustrations: Olivia Ugilt Here’s 21 sweet things from our wish list, rendered lovingly in edgy geometric shapes by the talented...

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Kangding Ray Interview_Hyper Opal Mantis

Our resident sonic scientist A.O.Dohn had a good natter to a refreshingly nuanced and observant Kangding Ray about the ideas, emotions and sounds built into his excellent new album 'Hyper Opal...

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FancyLad bitchslap

Gentleman’s Quartpipely – Flinging It with Fancy Lad

Fancy Lad is a skateboard collective who are making a big splash worldwide, but the only thing to take seriously is their stupidity. With roots deep in the dirty water of Boston, these guys take...

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A to Z: Girls Guide to One Night Stands

A to Z: Girls Guide to One Night Stands

Read our interview with Polly Bosworth here

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