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New York Nostalgia with Sage Elsesser

Got this cool vid in the mail of Sage Elsesser riding around a heavily filtered dreamscape of NYC, giving us a burning desire to go out and skate, and get the street session we’ve all been waiting...

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Awesome Tapes From Africa vs. ‘Cassette’ | CPH:DOX x Bitchslap

Jot down this date in your calendars, dudes: March 24th. We're co-hosting a screening of Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape with CPH:DOX. For all you old geezers out there, the movie will be a welcome...

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Air Kisses & Ambitions: Flemming

We got the premiere of a new video from Flemming here in advance of his tape release on March 3rd. There will also be a massive knees upnod down of a release party on that Friday. 'Den Her Sætning'...

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Black Scorpion Gang Basco5

Q: What if Hell’s Angels hired a designer? A: Black Scorpion Gang

Basco5 is a Canadian artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His work is a mix between, illustration, fine art, and street art. He finds inspiration in beauty and struggle. Now he's back with a new...

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Atelier Bingo art bitchslap

Introducing French Artist Collective Atelier Bingo

Meet Maxime Prou & Adèle Favreau, better known as Atelier Bingo. After meeting at a design school in Nantes back in 2007, they worked separate jobs in Paris, before deciding to pull out of the...

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The Growlery – a skater-run artist residency in SF

Michael Kershnar lets the cat out of the bag on how he convinced a nice lady to let him run an artist residency in her house in San Fransisco. Hey Mike, what’s the Growlery? The Growlery is an...

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•AT YAFA by Ben Chadbourne

Watch as this crew of 10 hummus-powered rippers embark on a shred-pilgrimage from Tel Aviv via Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. This film was made by Ben Chadbourne, backed by Cons and featuring Mike...

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Can't think about anything else than Beyoncé's twins.

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