Don’t Fuck with Raif Adelberg

Raif Adelberg is unconventional, to say the least. After leaving school at a young age, he paved his own way to success and dismissed the cookie cutter approach. Result: a creative resume that most…

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More of the mayhem: Copenhagen Open ’17

Sonia Ziegler also shot the mayhem down at the Copenhagen Open last week. Bunch of weirdos we are, don't you think?

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Day four and five: Copenhagen Open ’17

What a week. Heaps more here from day four and five at the Copenhagen Open. Thanks, Linnea Bullion. Can't wait for the next one, already.

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Day three: Copenhagen Open ’17

Hey Legends. A drizzly day three down at the Triangle Spot, Refshaleøen and Chateau Motel, København central, for the the Copenhagen Open. Thanks, Linnea Bullion.

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Day two: Copenhagen Open ’17

Copenhagen Open day two at Litauens Plads and Kødbyen, Vesterbro. Linnea Bullion watched on and found you getting up to mischief, as per usual.  

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Day one: Copenhagen Open ’17

The journey begins. Linnea Bullion was creeping on you with her camera at the Copenhagen Open 2017.   

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Free Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow: Wonderland, Christiania

Absolutely thrilled to hear that Keke Leppala and Rita Maria are going to be showing their photographic work during Copenhagen Open (starts tomorrow, kids) in Wonderland, Christiania.   Photo:…

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Keke Leppala: Out from behind the viewfinder

Yo Keke! I’ve never seen you skating since you’re always shooting. What gives? Hey! Great to hear from you! You never asked for a session. You used to live in Copenhagen. Where are you now and what…

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