For our first exhibition ever, we drop it heavy bringing the work of some of the world’s best skateboard photographers to Bright Tradeshow in Berlin to unveil the first in a series of showings of our ‘Frame of Reference’ series which explores skateboarders’ unique perspective of urban spaces through the lens of internationally renowned skate shooters on their local turf.
‘Frame of Reference’ features the work of Dave Chami (SF), Jonathan Mehring (NYC), Marcel Veldman (R’DAM), Nils Svensson (MALMÖ) and David Read (WLG).

If you’re in Berlin then Dick and Nanny would both love to see you for an ice cold Budweiser and a warm cuddle on Wednesday the 9th at 4pm in the ArtBright area.





We’ll also be kicking off Wednesday’s festivities early by officially launching Bitchslap Issue 21 (Bite Me) and the special edition Vans Nordic Tour ‘zine we just produced together with photographer Michael Jepsen. If enough of you show, we’ll do a dance off.


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