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Photographer Piczo does the kind of effortlessly cool photography that you try to recreate yourself at home in your underwear/boyfriend’s clothes/messing about in the park. Casual. It doesn’t work for you. He’s got it down to a science. Hailing from Japan originally, but currently based in London, Piczo started out shooting Japanese rock bands. Now, he has worked for the likes of i-D and Clash magazine. He doesn’t mind if he is shooting something music or fashion-related, just as long as the vibe is good. I wish I could photograph someone’s vibe.

piczo2 piczo3 piczo4 piczo5 piczo6 piczo7

Check out more of his work here or on his tumblr (where all these marvelous pictures are taken from).

Fiona Goons

An Irish girl living in Copenhagen after a drunken decision. Works in social media, after being a longtime user and abuser of the internet. Can hold a pint, sing karaoke and hula hoop at the same time. Other skills available on request.


  1. Fiona Goons says:

    Each to their own I guess! I like them and think they look really good. That is my humble opinion.

  2. Federico says:

    Sorry, but the pictures are quite boring and no, I have seen better pictures on Facebook, which.. it works for some, not for him.

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