DIY – A book of photographs by Richard Gilligan

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Richard Gillian‘s photography (featured in our latest issue) documents DIY skate spots from around Europe and the States. He has a new book with all these great photographs presented by 19/80 and Carhartt. He will be showing his work at Copenhagen Photo Festival and Streetmachine on thursday the 13th and will be giving a lecture as well.

















19/80 Editions og Carhartt præsenterer: DIY – A book of photographs by Richard Gilligan

Exhibition Tour 2013

Copenhagen Photo Festival / Streetmachine 13.06

18:30 – 21:00

19:00 – Lecture by Richard Gilligan


From 19/80:

DIY can be described as a movement within skateboarding which operates outside civic and societal norms. Through the utilisation of skater-constructed spaces, which are ordinarily, an adaptation of existing, but often abandoned, terrain in both urban and rural settings, the modern skateboarder transcends the need to exist within a more conventional environment.

Utilizing found materials, these unauthorized and often illegal temporary constructions have fascinated photographer Richard Gilligan, who has spent the past four years tracking down these ephemeral spaces throughout Europe and the US. His pictures show how skaters and DIY builders free themselves from the constraints of societal rules, creating their own domain in which to practice this peripheral pursuit.


Scott is from San Francisco, he paints, draws, writes, edits, cuts out beer tickets and uses them at the bar. He is good at all of those things.

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