Classical Sculptures As Hipsters


Photographer Léo Caillard and photo retoucher Alexis Persani made this hilarious and thought provoking series called Hipster in Stone. The clothes transform the timeless grace of the statue’s expression to the cool “i’m over it” modern look. The striking similarity makes me look at antiquity differently, have we really changed that much?










Scott is from San Francisco, he paints, draws, writes, edits, cuts out beer tickets and uses them at the bar. He is good at all of those things.

  1. Lukas says:

    Who cares that this project has precedents? What doesn’t? It’s conceptual purpose is clever and topical. Disparaging it as derivative feels particularly absurd given that it and the project it resembles are both appropriative in nature.

  2. John says:

    What’s so hipster about those clothes?! It seems to me that the word “hipster” has come to mean roughly ‘young, urban style’.

  3. Bertil Lindgren says:

    Very smart!
    Much better then the Levis campaign and for me more intresting then the photos of elmgren & dragset’s work.

    This was very clever and also very well performed. My only complaint would be that most hipsters I meet ar much skinnier then these guys!

  4. Frances says:

    Hahahahaha… the greek sculptures even have beards to match the new look!!!

  5. Xeres says:

    I’d also say that IMO – almost NONE of those clothes would classify as “hipster” *shrug*

  6. Xeres says:

    I’d also say that IMO – almost NONE of those clothes would classify as “hipster” clothes *shrug*

  7. Mozzis says:

    Yes, Alberte, but these are both much more elaborate and much better done!

  8. I’m asking that last one to come to some SXSW aftershows with me.

    I’m also amused at the commenters who are all “This is so derivative, it’s like something else I saw years ago.” Fitting the theme, I hope you guys are somehow made of stone.

  9. Fred Zwagtelham says:

    I used to have notebooks back in the ’70 sponsored by Levi’s that showed famous sculptures dressed up in jeans. I hate be a party pooper but this feels very similar. Sorry

  10. Alberte Skronski says:

    I got really frustrated when i saw this, because the idea is obviously stolen form elmgreen & dragset’s works from 2009. antique statues, dressed in modern clothes.

  11. Nausikaa says:

    I am crying with joy over my Kerouac after seeing this..


  12. angel29100 says:


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