spektra_dvdtom derichs. photo bertrand trichet 
Carhartt have released their new skateboard DVD Spektra, as usual with Carhartt and skateboarding, they´ve done things a little differently. Spektra is divided into 11 different shorts directed by Denmark’s own Henrik Edelbo and Frenchman David Couliau , ranging from two minutes to half an hour in length, the films feature the whole Carhartt Skate team at some point (which is about 45 Skateboarders from 15 countries), and is a great insight into the characters on the Carhartt team, beyond just the skateboarding. All in all it looks like a good old time with minimal hype and lots of skating with friends, which is what it’s all about ‘innit. Check the trailer.

[flv: 625 385]

Available from Carhartt stores worldwide

julian furones and hugo liard. photo abasile.


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