Frederik Sølberg’s “DOEL” premieres at CPH:DOX

The humorous documentary is nominated for CPH:DOX' Next:Wave Award and will be premiered on March 16th, 20.00 at Empire Bio. Prior to the world premiere, Frederik shares a little insight on the…

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Cole Navin’s “Landline” RAW Files

Vans' first ever snowboarding full-length "Landline" is filled with the gnarliest snowboarding from start to finish. These Raw Files of Cole Navin are a testament to the hard work the Vans gang put…

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Copenhagen Open 2017 8mm Aftermovie

Feast your eyes on every skater's favorite week of the year beautifully banned on 8mm. Peep this for more on last years CPH Open! Coverpic Linnea Bullion

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1UP in Athens

1UP takes over Athens in this ace example of drone cinematography done right!

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De Paris Yearbook – FUCK YEAH PRINT!

No matter where you’re from, if you’re a skateboarder from Europe or the US or beyond, the De Paris series of books will appeal to you. This project originally started out as a book about…

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Bowie, Beatles, Blood Orange – a Playlist by Shy Shy Shy

Inspirations and influences - Shy Shy Shy created a playlist in joyful anticipation of their debut album dropping next friday, March 2nd.

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The Season’s Selection 2018 – Joel Staub

doodah teamrider Joel Staub sends heavy in this short but rad doodah Season's Selection clip. A film by Mathias Wittwer llustrations by Nico Yang Produced by Mindset…

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Globe – Good Luck in Lisbon

Key realisations from Globe's tour clip "Good Luck in Lisbon" : Sammy Montano turned pro for a reason, against popular belief Apples age do age well and Ryan Decenzo is a beast.

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