Sweden’s Superwalkers Release New Video “Lost (As I Am)”

Superwalkers are a pair of pop princes from across the pond who clearly know how to evoke a mood. Often they’ll simply put you in the mood for dancing, but that isn’t to say that this...

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Bitching & Bubbly with Bergen’s Best Boy Band

Kakkmaddafakka killed it at their Roskilde Festival show, electrifying the crowd with their explosive energy. We kicked back with the Kakk immediately afterwards and popped a few bottles for some...

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The Best Thing About the Republican National Convention

It’s the merch. Everything else is awful.

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‘I Am Sorry’ at Roskilde Festival ’16

It’s been just about a month since Roskilde Festival started and a whole 30 days of work, adult responsibilities and feeble attempts to save the remains of our livers may make most people...

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Marc Sijan’s Hyperrealistic Sculptures Will Haunt Your Dreams

When we think of human sculptures we usually think of ancient Greek and Roman figures; those stone-white Adonises and Aphrodites who generally stood as idealized versions of the human form. In one...

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Tuesday Tumbled Upon #64

Going out sucks but staying in sucks more. Trying to meet people is depressing but not trying to meet people is even more depressing. The internet is boring but not having the internet is even more...

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Remembering That Time Stanners Wrote About Istanbul

A long time ago, in the wee early years of Bitchslap, Peter Stanners–Copenhagen’s own Ben Affleck–went to Istanbul and wrote about it for our magazine. Given that he’s...

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Sunday Crappy Gifs

Return of the crappy gifs. Yeah, that’s right.

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