Felix De Luca Releases His Gritty Viddy for ‘First of the Month’

Staking his ground in the all-too-sparsely-populated camp of legit Danish hip hop acts, Felix De Luca projects a so-it-goes, ‘fuck your rules’ self-confidence while avoiding common...

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Bitchslap Best Trick at DAC’s #letsplaydac

We spent yesterday afternoon in the grand surroundings of the Dansk Arkitektur Centre building where we hosted a best trick on the worst asphalt as a part of a pre-viewing of their current exhibition...

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Utilitarian Summertime Treats from PUTPUT

Like vague memories of what it was like when the sun appeared for more than 5 minutes at a time, here’s another oldie but goodie: this classic spread from Copenhagen-based design duo PUTPUT, who...

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Sunkissed new Devon Seven Track

Devon Seven releases the brand new  ‘Sun-Kissed By The Eternal Girl’ just in time for summer and it’s a blissy scorcher. Inspired by the wide and wonderful city of LA and produced in...

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Catch the LET’S PLAY Sneak Peek & Best Trick Contest Tomorrow at CPH’s DAC

If you’re a Copenhagener with good ideas for how to utilize our fair city’s harbor in the future, then you might be lucky and get your project funded. Join us tomorrow for a beer and...

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Africa Reframed Showcases the Continent in Creative Contemporary Context

There’s currently a growing fascination with contemporary African photography, and it’s about time Denmark is given an up-close opportunity to see why. Thanks...

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First Hate’s ‘Holiday’ is a Wonderfully Nostalgic Dreampop Postcard

Still riding high on Copenhagen’s hype wave, First Hate fired out another killshot today with their phenomenal new single ‘Holiday‘. If you’re somehow not already hooked on...

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‘Goodbye, Blue Monday’ A Book About Maturity, Mortality And Age By Ben Gore

You know the feeling of looking at something deeply private to someone else? You’re not allowed to, but you’re doing it anyways while your nerves makes it feel like your stomach is...

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