Finding Cla$$ic ~Authenticity~ with Seek

Berlin used to be very cool, but then it got too cool, which isn’t cool, so it became less cool, but now you could say it’s becoming cool again because it became less cool, which makes it...

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Fuck You, Spotify – Bring Back iTunes

Everyone and their mother uses Spotify, but why? Because nowadays we take algorithms recommending we listen to Avicii or some other soulless payola shit more seriously than we used to? Spotify sucks...

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‘Blue Blooded’ Release

Denim’s been around for almost 150 years. My mum has been wearing it for a third of that, and not always in a succesfull way. Considering the 90’s denim styles makes me sure of the fact...

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The Avalanches Make a Move Outta Obscurity. Maybe.

Remember The Avalanches? The infamous Aussies who were posed to take over the musical world around y2k, then mysteriously vanished? Well they have now suddenly returned, with a new….something. ...

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William S. Burroughs Talking About Pooping, Now on Vinyl

This album release announcement is completely out of left field, to say the least. William S. Burroughs, the infamous Beat generation poet, author and provocateur, is releasing an album. But...

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Aquascaping More Visually Appealing Than Manscaping

Sterile and sparse hospital chic isn’t just popular in already-whitewashed Scandinavia. Modern Nordic design is clearly trending worldwide, and if you have wide open spaces in your expensive,...

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Photographic Evidence of Antwon in Frankfurt

The various idiosyncratic proclivities of rapper Antwon, which we have recently touched upon, often manifest themselves in events and actions so strikingly unparalleled that one could reasonably...

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Tuesday Tumbled Upon #59

On this day in 1991 Thelma and Louise was released, a piece of cinematic history featuring Gina Davis, Susan Sarandon and a vintage 1966 green Ford Thunderbird convertible. Also on this day in 2016 I...

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