The Crispies’ ‘Death Row Kids’ is Gut-Punching Garage-Rock From God

Despite their name's implicit associations with breakfast cereals, The Crispies aren't sugar-coating themselves in order to appeal to all palates or merely churning out easily-digestible...

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Premiere: Less Win’s ‘A Thought To Be More’ Summarizes Our Emotional Sprawl

Less Win, Copenhagen's transcendental meditation on post-punk, has managed to pull back their blackout curtain of anhedonia for long enough to wrap up and release their new ~studio album~, TRUST....

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Azymuth Are Fire – Live in Copenhagen

Azymuth are coming to town! Copenhagen music fans are in for a treat on Friday 28th of October when the legendary Brazilian Jazz funk trio Azymuth land for a show at Sigurdsgade. Formed in the early...

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Premiere: Deadpan Interference Haemorrhages Blood & Creativity with ‘The Whip’

On Monday, Deadpan Interference will officially release their new video for "The Whip". But you should watch the video here on Bitchslap now, and then you should start losing your shit about the...

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Sleeping Lessons’ Debut Will Have You Smiling

There is always something cooking up in Seattle. A city once captured by the claws of grunge has ever since pushed out a lot great music in other genres. One of those are indie rockers Sleeping...

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Electro is (still) back: Umwelt – Days of Dissent

Words by Asmus Ougaard Dohn Electro, the proto-techno genre pioneered in the early 80s by artists like Afrika Bambaataa, Juan Atkins, and Kraftwerk, seems to be resurfacing once again, after a...

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Invisible People Through The Lens Of An Ex-Con

Many people seem to suffer from the delusion that if you don't look at something, it doesn't exist. Call it a coping mechanism, a way to easier get through the small discomforts of the day or simply...

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Garage Rock Is Back On Orcas’ Debut Album

Who said garage rock is dead? Definitely not Orcas. The Copenhagen based trio are releasing a debut album that says the past is present in 2016. After teasing us over the last year, the full length,...

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