Relive Your Childhood With These Drug-Enhanced Experiences

The word nostalgia comes from the Greek νόστος (nóstos), meaning “homecoming”, and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning “ache” or “pain”, generally understood...

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Ritual Malmö Are Offering Their Technohead Wisdom

Ritual Malmö is a collective of technoheads that, well, play techno. Apart from a relatively new label and parties at Inkonst, they also run a radio show on Radarradio.   Bitschlap music reviewer...

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Dog Orchestra’s “Broke” Speaks To Millennials

Can an orchestra consist of two? Flowing between Stockholm and Berlin, riding on the back of a crowd-sourced label, an incredibly talented duo called Dog Orchestra showcases the dream of millennials....

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1000 Days Away with Matt Irving

We caught up with film director Matt Irving for our last issue of Bitchslap to have him tell us about his vision to create the first adidas Skateboarding full length. A little blast from the...

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Chase the Last Sunshine With New Last Island’s Track

Summer holidays are long gone, but as the good weather keeps sticking around we still need some good vibes to keep us going. Fortunately the man behind Last Island came up with a new track called...

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Lil B Love from the Bitchslap Archives

Over time we’ve all fallen hopelessly in love with Lil B – and who wouldn’t? He continues to light up our days–via lighting up our Twitter feeds–ever since we first...

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Crapface Celebrates His Love For Rihanna’s “Work” With New Track

Truth is that most people do not like Rihanna’s “Work”. Be it for the fact that it contains two things they don’t like – Rihanna and work, or because they despise pop music from...

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‘Cancer’ Releases Powerful and Soothing Track “Die One More Time”

It sounds like a working man’s anthem. Wake up early, rush breakfast, go to work, perform Rihanna, go home, eat dinner, sleep, repeat.

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